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Home Renovations by Torontos Favorite Construction company

Choose S Gonzalez for all of your home renovation needs in Toronto. Our team handles renovations for kitchens, bathrooms, basements and every other room of your home. We’re also the team to call if your home needs major repairs. All of these services benefit, and the dedication for quality upon which we’ve built our reputation.

You don’t need to figure out every detail of your renovation to enjoy our expertise. Call us today with your ideas, and we’ll tell you how we can make them happen. Our designers will help you turn all your ideas into a solid plan, and then our builders will make it happen in your home.

Affordable Kitchen Renovations

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and more so than many other rooms, a kitchen must meet the needs of the family living in the home. Whether you need more space, more storage, more sunlight or just more colour, we can make it happen. Our kitchen renovation services cover everything from the flooring and the lighting to the cabinets and the fixtures. Each element can be adjusted to give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom You'll Love

Build a
Bathroom design should strive for optimal comfort and efficiency. If you’re frustrated by one that just isn’t meeting your needs, our team may be able to give it what it’s been missing. Our design experts can examine your needs and situation to figure out exactly where your bathroom is falling short. Elements like poor layouts, dated features and small damages can drag down the mood of the room, but our experts know what to tweak or replace each feature to make it amazing.

Basement Can Do More

If you have all the storage space you need, a basement can start to feel like a pretty useless room. Often cold and damp, basements aren’t always respected for the power they have to be the best room in a home. Our team knows how to renovate basements to make them cozy, and a comfortable space where your family will want to be. Ask us about building family game rooms, home theaters, intimate dens or even extra bedrooms.

We Handle Major Repairs

Call our team today to handle heavy damage to your home for an affordable price. We remove the worry by providing you with expert services at a competitive rate. It doesn’t matter if your home has sustained damage from acts of nature, substandard materials, age, or human accidents. We can help with all types of damage, and we can use our expertise to make your home look exactly the same or better than it did before the damage occurred. Call to learn more, today.

Steps To A Modern Kitchen Renovation For Your Homex

Do you feel that your kitchen needs more life? Doing a kitchen renovation is one of the ways to design it to your liking and give it a fantastic feel

Ensure That Everyone’s Needs Are Met

It is essential to see to it that all the needs of the family members are met before you start on the actual renovation. If someone is using a wheelchair, ensure that they have enough space to access the kitchen,

Determine The Scope And Style Of The Renovation

Doing a remodeling to your kitchen will be a difficult task and require a lot of patience. It is a worthy investment if you put your time into it. Start with knowing the scope of this project.

Establish Your Budget

Once you have all your goals and needs outlined, you need to prepare your budget. You should figure out how much money and time you are willing to spend.

Measure And Sketch The Layout

Four main kitchen layouts are used today. They are one way, L-shape, U-shape and galley. You should measure all the counter tops and all the appliances that are in the kitchen in detail.

Choose Materials To Use

Trust your taste when it comes to what you need to use in the renovation. However, remember that some materials are more appropriate than others. Ensure that you go for quality over quantity to give it a longer shelf life, since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a day at home.

Cater To The Details

Changing the minor things in your house can make all the difference. You could start from the light switches, handles, and even the tap-ware. They are not expensive and will give your kitchen a new feel to it. All you need is to go to your local hardware store and get some new stuff.

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Making the Most of Your Basement Remodelx

The basement can be easy to overlook when you’re trying to figure out what you want from your home. You may have identified needs that call for a home addition when the space you need for what you want is already available in your basement. You may be skeptical that your basement could be turned into a place where you want to spend some time, but just look at some of the renovations we’ve completed in the images above.

Basement Remodeling for Every Budget

The needs of individuals and families can change dramatically over a short period of time. If you have kids in particular, it helps to have a space they can hang out with each other and their friends as they start getting older. In the same way, people without children may just want a room that practices a different style than the rest of the home. Basements are excellent places to experiment with home offices, bars or art and yoga studios.

The Basement Renovation Team to Trust

Basement renovations can be more complicated than some kinds of home updates, but they’re still no challenge for our experienced team. We guide you through the design and planning, and when it comes time to build, we also handle all the necessary permits and ensure that all our work adheres to the Ontario Building Codes. Rest assured we will also deal with any other concerns that can come up during a basement renovation.

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Beautiful Bathroom Remodelingx

The perceived quality of your home is largely determined by the way you feel in the rooms you use most often. If these areas are lackluster in style or functionality, they can leave you feeling dissatisfied with your home in general. Bathrooms are one of these types of spaces, which means that if they could use improvements, they should be one of the first candidates for renovation. We can help you get through your bathroom renovation without hassle, using our expertise to plan and create a luxurious bathroom that brings up the feeling of comfort and quality in your home.

Our years of experience gives us the skills necessary to complete the job in minimal time without ever compromising the caliber of the construction. This means that you’ll get to enjoy your new bathroom with little wait. We will also establish a work sequence that cuts down redundancies and inconveniences, thus saving you even more time and money. Our renovation work will provide you with added value to your home, and a stylish upgrade of one of the spaces you use most.

Bathroom Vanities, Floors and More

One of the top concerns for homeowners considering any type of renovation is the cost. We offer full bathroom renovation solutions, at competitive prices. Don’t be fooled by lower prices, It doesn’t matter if your bathroom just needs a full overhaul, all it takes is a consultation with one of our expert renovation planners to determine how we can meet your vision.

Plan to Redo Your Bathroom Today

The choices you make regarding your bathroom renovation greatly influence the cost, labor, and time required. We can help you navigate many decision points, informing you of the pros and cons of every design, fixture, or construction selection you are considering. This goes for main appliances such as toilets, sinks, and tubs, as well as other essentials such as tiles, paneling, countertops, cabinetry, and more.

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Major Home Repairsx

At some point, every home can seem to be in need of a major overhaul. Sometimes this can be remedied by a deep cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, but in other instances, a home may have incurred damages that are in need of serious repair work. Such damages can be caused by a variety of things, including human accidents, fires, harsh weather, natural disasters, faulty plumbing, bad electrical wiring, age, or even poor construction quality. Severe damages can often be easily recognized (holes in the floor or walls, crumbling ceilings, warped panels and beams).

However, it is not unheard of for some types of damages to catch homeowners by surprise, appearing only when the problem has gotten to a high degree of seriousness (water damage behind walls or flooring, structural damage as a result of pest infestation). Whatever the cause or case, we can help you make it through, with our major repair service. Our crew members aren’t your everyday handymen. They’re expert contractors with experience treating major damages of all types. They will apply their honed skills to restore the damaged area of your home to like new condition, with a quality that will ensure soundness for years to come.

Leave the Repairs to S Gonzalez

The do-it-yourself trend may be ever on the rise, but when it comes to the major repairs, it’s best to trust the professionals. Going the DIY route can result in a dragged out repair time, leaving your home life in limbo as you make adjustments to accommodate the damage and ensuing work. It can also result in worsening the problem. We can help you through your major repairs without trouble. Just leave it to us.

Has it escalated too far?

There are a variety of precautions that can be taken to prevent needing the most common of home repairs. Regularly cleaning gutters, maintaining appliances, changing air filters, periodically deep cleaning, and keeping pests away are sure to save you a load of woes later on. But when it’s too late for that, our major repair services can cover any of the damages your home has been afflicted with.

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